Non-accessible Sopranature® green roof


SOPREMA SYSTEM with thermal insulation

Soprema advices:

  • Upstand variant: Alsan® FLASHING (European Technical Approval ETA-08/0114) will avoid the use of counter flashing protection on parapets. This no-flame system is easy to apply and saves application time.
  • The positioning of drainage outlets implies a specific designing of the valley structure under water stagnation.
  • A 3% slope on the roof avoids water stagnation.


  1. TYPE OF WORK non-accessible
  2. TYPE OF PROJECT Sopranature green roof
  3. SUBSTRATE Reinforced concrete substrate
  4. THERMAL INSULATION With insulation
  5. SLOPE 0 - 20%
  6. TYPE OF WORK non-accessible
  7. TYPE OF PROJECT Sopranature green roof
  8. SUBSTRATE Steel deck substrate
  9. THERMAL INSULATION With insulation
  10. SLOPE 3 - 20%
  11. TYPE OF WORK non-accessible
  12. TYPE OF PROJECT Sopranature green roof
  13. SUBSTRATE Timber deck substrate
  14. THERMAL INSULATION With insulation
  15. SLOPE 3 - 20%